Anonymous and 4chan Found Online Bayonets – Fuck Hollywood

by rodneymullenface

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets. – Napoleon Bonaparte

In 2010 on the 12th September, it was discovered that the Indian film industry was hiring tech firms like ‘Aiplex’ for content protection solutions.

Aiplex claims that it carried out Denial of Service (DDos) attacks against websites that host illegal copies of Bollywood films whom refuse to remove the content, a much more successful solution then the opposed SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, C-11, TPP, PCIP and HR-1981.

BitTorrent trackers like Pirate Bay, have been targeted for at least 30 Bollywood films Aiplex claimed.

Girish Kymar, managing director of Aiplex Software insisted “in order to prevent them from illegally distributing movies, the company floods the websites in questions with ‘lakhs’ of requests, thereby taking them down.”

It wasn’t till MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America – The trade association that represents the six big Hollywood studios) hired Aiplex and similar firms to carry out similar attacks that 4chan and anonymous members got involved.

Operation ‘Paybacks a Bitch!’ was developed in retaliation on 4chan; the plan was to attack Aiplex directly; however its claimed the website was taken down by one LOIC (A Low Orbit Iron Cannon is an application used for Denial-of-service attacks) and one attacker took it down.

This statement followed the 4chan orchestrated take down of Aiplex.

The next attack was on IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) in retaliation for its legal actions against pirate bay, the site was taken down for at least 27 hours.

Statements for the attacks can be seen here

Anonymous and 4chan users carried on the attacks for days and why I can’t confirm how long for I can confirm anonymous war on the entertainment giants continues.

Here a statement made by anonymous which invited people in to join in the attack.

The beautiful irony is that they used what the groups used against Pirate Bay against them; an eye for eye.

This goes to show how when grouped the public are stronger than the corporations and leaders who hinder this world, our lives and our freedom.

With a final word on Hollywood, i think its only right Max Kesier has the last word.

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