Operation Avenge Assange

by rodneymullenface


By far one of the biggest and the most influential operations performed by Anonymous giving air time to the movement is Operation Avenge Assange (Julian Assange face of Wikileaks whom currently faces media corruption as the powers to be tried to rid the world of him – yet his legacy lives on).

After the whistleblower group Wikileaks received pressure to stop publishing ‘secret United States diplomatic cables’ (secret meaning – PLEASE DON’T FIND YOU MIGHT SEE HOW WE FUCKED UP).

Several major Internet companies cut off services to Wikileaks in opposition; however activists spawned hundreds of mirror sites in a revolution to the attempt.

After Assange’s arrest in London for questioning on suspected minor rape charges from Sweden and by the US for ‘espionage offences’ and refused bail; some Americans were calling for his death; the war was declared.

Anonymous declared war on Assange’s enemies asking for support to attack opposing companies and help in spreading the leaked information.

Since realising the information, Wikileaks came under cyber-attacks and became abandoned by the likes of Paypal, who accepted donations for the website and Amazon who rented their server space.

Wikileaks stated on their site that Wikileaks had been down because of Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS). With reasons to believe that The United States Of America are behind this; since due to the nature of the US Secret Cables leak on Sunday 28th November 2010.

WikiLeaks said that PayPal had “surrendered to U.S. government pressure.”

In response Anonymous posted a seven plan manifesto via twitter and pledged to ‘kick back for Julian’.

Operation Payback became an operation in favour of Wikileaks, Anonymous used DDoS attacks on Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and the Swiss bank Postfinace.

Anonymous took down Mastercard, Paypal and the Swiss bank Postfinace, when Anonymous used DDoS attacks on IFPI it resulted in 6 days of the site being in-active with over 160 server interruptions. 

Anonymous is standing up for the people like Wikileaks is standing up for the truth.

Our news is censored and we even have the BBC censoring the words ‘free Palestine’ (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/may/13/bbc-palestine-lyric-mic-righteous).

Anonymous is fighting back when we thought we couldn’t, when we couldn’t hear the cries of the third world, when we couldn’t hear the guilt of the people who put them there and when we couldn’t understand that those people are ready to take away are rights, our freedom and our humanity. 

Anonymous declaring being on the front line for Wikieleaks in Anonymous declaring there on the front line for us and saying what we’ve wanted to say for so long…..


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