Anonymous defaced the Fine Gael website, or improved it?

by rodneymullenface

Fine Gael is a central-right party currently in coalition government with the Labour Part of Ireland. Users on discussion forums such as had suggested that the Find Gael websites feedback section was censored.

To get a better understanding of the Fine Gael party, here are some recent tweets that have been made about the party….

jeanearnshaw RT @gerardwyer: Watching ‘leaders questions’ in the Dáil, simply confirms what a shower of shit Fine Gael really are. #vinb #rtept #LQT

countryboy606 @CllrMMurnaghan @vincentbrowne Just the same way as we judge Fine Gael.. The party who lied their way into office.. Spineless traitors..

PeadarKropotkin Fine Gael’s Paschal Donohoe shows himself to be, like his colleagues, very ignorant & full of hatred for all non-rich Irish people. #vinb


Now that we have a better understanding of the overall love and support the party has, now comes the January 10th 2011 Fine Gael website attack.

The great thing about Anonymous is it’s a collective of anonymous users with many sub-groups, as this attack here is suggested to be done by two users.

On the day the websites new ‘tell us what you think’ campaign was replaced with this message,

Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party and they take no measures to protect you.

They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice.


Even more comedy came when the users dubbed changed the page title ‘The problem with politicians is they lie’ – a play on the party’s own message, that politicians talk too much and listen too little.

After the HTML codes were examined it was discovered that a code housed on server in Samoa, under a domain registered anonymously, would launch a string of JavaScript codes that would replace the page with the message when the site was visited.

The Fine Gael party gave this statement the morning after

Last night, we regret to report, the Fine Gael website was professionally hacked. The group that participated in this attack called themselves the Anonymous Group. This group has been associated with the Wikileaks investigation and attacks on companies such as Visa, MasterCard and Amazon. The attack occurred from 8.00pm to 12.00am last night.

We were alerted this morning that the Anonymous Group was able to secure the database of the information submitted by members of the public during the previous week. This affected just under 2,000 subscribers.

As a result we have now taken the necessary action to report this “hacking crime” to the proper authorities including the Data Protection Commissioner and the Gardaí. This morning the Party has emailed each of the individuals who submitted their comments and contact data (emails, IP addresses and mobile phone numbers) to the site to notify them of this event. We deeply regret any inconvenience that has been caused to them.

Two men were questioned eight months later in September by the Gardai, one detained in Galway and the other Offlay according to the Irish times post, the men are being questioned on ‘suspicion of criminal damage’.

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