HBGary Federal and Aaron Barr get slapped by Anonymous

by rodneymullenface

On the first weekend of February 2011, Chief executive  Aaron Barr of Security firm HBGary Federal announced his firm had infiltrated Anonymous claiming he could identify members of the Anonymous group . Although he said he wouldn’t hand information to the police he suggested he’d reveal the information at a Sans Francisco conference.

Anonymous members retaliated by hacking into the HBGary Fedral website replacing the front page with a message stating Anonymous was not to be messed with. They breached the companies website taking and publishing om Pirate Bay more then 68,000 emails for anyone to freely download and to shift through.

Using a social engineering and SQL injection (inputting SQL statements in a web form to get a badly designed website to perform operations on the database) managing to erase files and even shut down the phone-line of the firm.

Leaked emails revealed the reports and company presentations of other firms such as Endgame systems, who promise high quality offensive software, advertising “subscriptions of $2,500,000 per year for access to 0day exploits.”

Anonymous also personally attacked Aaron Barr by taking control of his Twitter account, posting Mr Barr’s supposed home address and social security number.

Within the documents a power point was found titled ‘the Wikileaks threat’ put together by HBGary Federal along with two other data intelligence firms for Bank of America in December.

Along with “the plan included pressing a journalist in order to disrupt his support of the organization, cyber attacks, disinformation, and other potential proactive tactics,” it also addressed Glenn Greenwalds rumored key support for Wikieleaks survival.

Founder of HBGary Federal, Greg Hoglund, responded to journalist Brian Krebs saying “They didn’t just pick on any company, we try to protect the US Government from hackers. They couldn’t have chosen a worse company to pick on.”

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