Westboro-baptist church attempt to use Anonymous for fame, Anonymous takes down WBC website on live interview

by rodneymullenface

This relates to February 16th 2011 and onwards.

Heads of attention-seeking, demonic, freakishly spine-tingling, nearly as creepy as Fritzel group and argued to be the most hated family of America, the Westboro Baptist church, known for their ‘God hates gays and soldiers campaigns’, accused of Anonymous sending an open attack letter to the church.

The open letter stated “Cease & desist your protest campaign in the year 2011 … close your public Web sites. Should you ignore this warning … the propaganda & detestable doctrine that you promote will be eradicated; the damage incurred will be irreversible, and neither your institution nor your congregation will ever be able to fully recover.”

To get more of the gist of the church, here’s the church on a show which profits of openly making British people feel better about themselves by displaying some of the most dire British cretin. Speaking to someone equally as much of a Nob, Jeremy Kyle.

The church made a statement telling Anonymous to ‘bring it on’ and stating God hates fags & lousy ‘hackers’, personally if its only ‘God’ who hates ‘fags’ and these lousy hackers and possibly a few people from Texas, they must be doing something right as the whole of America hates this family.

The statement…

Anonymous denies this, claiming the group is seeking attention as anonymous has become an international internet meme. Anonymous taking a very gentlemen approach, thanks the church for recognizing Anonymous, however why they hate what the church preaches, they do have more pressing matters and say ‘Stay tuned, and we’ll come back to play another day.’ Having to remind the church that this is a collective, many sub-groups and many ‘trolls’, in a statement they ask members to not use DoS attacks on the church as it would only further their attention seeking habits.

Here’s the anonymous statement

Anonymous call the Westboro Church “professional trolls” stating that they believe that it was a member of the Westboro Church making an attempt to provoke an attack.

Of course though some of the older members advised others how to attack the church using an Anon attack instead of a DoS attack with some method to ‘Call some prostitutes to go to their address. Preferably male.‘ hows that for the lulz. However some sympathy has to be made for the poor prostitutes who will be upset when their not payed, lets hope a ‘pimp named slick-back’ can get the money from the WBC.

Why people are still unsure who actually attack the church, in a live interview with David Pakman, Shirley Phelps-Roper from the WBC and an Anonymous representative talk about the whole situation. In this interview Anonymous hacks the WBC website during a live confrontation, however the first 4 or 5 websites attacks was actually done by other hacktivist ‘Jester’. Anonymous did take action, live on the interview even after saying this WBC operation isn’t worth the time with more pressing matters.

That smile on David Pakman really shows just how much Anonymous do achieve LULZ.

Claiming to be an ex-soldier with a rather famous unit serving two tour of duty in and around Afghanistan aged between 31-49, Jester or th3j35t3r although its argued he is not a ‘long-wolf’ there is no evidence he’s in a collective or not and Anonymous state he does not work alongside them.

As through out this blog, most of the time I try to be objective through here on this post I must make my opinions I personally see jester as King of Trolling rumored to be taking on Anonymous, 4-chan and still applying his activism taking on Al-qaeda communications and other jihad sites. This man doesn’t deface websites he takes them down, unlike some hacktivism, he takes them down permanently.

It’s a really underdog story with him literally taking on everyone and anyone, pretty cool.

As for WBC, I am not religious, though I have no problem with it as-long as they don’t try ramming their beliefs in my head, this is not me attacking religion, saying they do that because they don’t really in the UK , I also don’t like the way British educations rammed its one-sided history in my head. I do, however believe in miracles, just the miracles of science. For me creationism is just too hell-bent on trying to stop people from proving them wrong, other than actually attempting to prove themselves right.

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