How BankOfAmerica, bourght out domains to stop anything Anti-BoA but forget to buy

by rodneymullenface

During March of last year Anonymous took on what is considered the second largest bank holding company in the United States (by assets) and the fourth largest bank in the U.S by market capitalization.

Anonymous released a cache of e-mails which it claims show impropriety at Bank of America. The leaked included correspondence between staff at BoA subsidiary Balboa insurance, details plans to delete sensitive documents.

The BoA denies claims and called the claims ‘extravagant’, for months before the company had been subject to rumors of wrong doing.

One of the documents appears to show an employee of Bilboa Insurance, x-employee of the bank and asking a colleague to delete certain loan identifying numbers from their computer system.
No information is given about the reason for the deletion, or whether it was ultimately carried out.
An Anonymous member, posting updates on Twitter under the name OperationLeakS said the e-mails form the first part of a series of planned leaks that will prove Bank of America engaged in improper mortgage foreclosure practices.

The e-mail cache was uploaded to, the BoA attempted to buy out any domains before the leaks happened that would offend them such as however what they forgot to get was, EPIC FAIL.

The website will also teach viewers about how the monetary policy works and how we’ve been enslaved to this system with the loss of some of the most world inspiring individuals, RIP JFK.

Last president to try and save our scrawny arses.

One employee was quoted in the emails saying ‘i can’t even get the local news stations to pay attention, because they’re most interested in puppies and car crashes then one of the largest banks in the world ripping them all off.’

This was one of the latest attacks on a US government that attempts to isolate Wikileaks.