Sony you went wrong with you PS3, i’ll just keep backing the hacker society, hope this post has helped you understand how it was wrong for you to censor your brand.

by rodneymullenface

This post is  mainly about the Anonymous rumored hack, background info on it and something people don’t realize or remember about Sony, which i think was a massive reason for the attack.

George Francis Hotz a 22-year-old hacker from New Jersey, whose alias include Geoshot, Million45 and Mil, gained fame and notoriety for unlocking the I-phone and for his hacking of the Sony PS3 which made him subject to a lawsuit.

Hotz created a blog announcing his plans to hack the Sony PS3 and five weeks later from its creation in January 2010, he announced that he had hacked the PlayStation allowing himself to read and write and have access to the machines system.

On January 2, 2011 he posted root keys to the PS3 on his website along with a D.I.Y video, they were later removed as a result of legal action by Sony,  and by the 11th Sony filled an application for a temporary restraining order against Hotz in the US District court of northern California.

Sony took Mr Hotz to court for breaching the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for publishing the encryption keys and software tools to allow complete control of their consoles. Sony also was granted by judge, the right to acquire the IP addresses of anybody who visited the hackers websites from its 2009 and the power to demand Youtube to hand over IPs, including the access to Mr Hotz Paypal account.

Hotz made this comedy parody rap song about the incident, which lyrically and considering the flow, was actually pretty good and very funny.

As april came, it was revealed that Hotz and Sony had settled the lawsuit out of court with the condition of Hotz never resuming hacking against Sony.

Anonymous got involved in retaliation against Sony’s gaining of access to the IP addresses dubbing this as a ‘offence against free speech and internet freedom’.

This video statement was uploaded on YouTube 7th april 2011.

Anonymous claimed to be responsible for DDos attacks on and the Playstation store however the attackers of the network remain silent and with so many claims being passed around it’s hard to find an individual or a group responsible. Although, some claim the first few days of the network being down was Anonymous, however there is no proof. Plans had emerged that a hardcore splinter faction of Anonymous were merging plans to target Sony executives.

Anonymous branch AnonOps denied being involved with the major Playstation network attack, which resulted in hackers breaking into the network, and apparently stealing personal information on some 77 million users along with keeping the network down for nearly two months.

Hotz denied any responsibility or connection for the attack and stated “Running homebrew and exploring security on your devices is cool; hacking into someone else’s server and stealing databases of user info is not cool”.

One thing people forget about this story is Anonymous attacked Sony for the Censorship of how the products work and for demanding the IP addresses, breaking people’s free rights, however what people forget is that Sony was slated back in 2005; being accused of using virus writers tactics to stops CDS being illegally copied, using cloaked files that hide deep inside Windows systems.

The rootkits Sony used were hidden and discovered in infected CDS that had Mark E. Russinovich, a technical fellow in the platform and service division at Microsoft, stating that Sony’s antipiracy has gone ‘too far’.

Using a utility he created Mark spotted so-called rootkits (used by computer virus writers because it allows codes to be hidden deep inside windows operating systems meaning it won’t be spotted by most anti-virus scanners) via infected CDS.

From listening to some of the Sony CDs the ‘clocked’ software becomes installing along with hidden files that come from an anti-copying system called extend copy protection (XCP) developed by UK software company First 4 internet.

In his blog about the incident, he said: “Not only had Sony put software on my system that uses techniques commonly used by malware to mask its presence, the software is poorly written and provides no means for uninstall.”

Mr Russinovich said the licence agreement that he accepted when he first listened to the CD, made no mention of the fact that he could not uninstall the program or of the significant changes it made to his computer.

Many people attack Anonymous over their ‘alleged’ involvement with the massive Sony attack, as PS3 user myself and a Student, free internet is given, i know we can directly blame Anonymous; as it’s a collective and there are always other hackers in the world some who do it more just the lulz then any other reason.

But if Sony has to power to trace IP addresses, uses virus writers tactics and censor certain aspects of the PS3, this is what Anonymous fight against censorship, corruption and when corporations become too strong and are able to abuse Judaical systems, what did you expect?

Just cause its popular and used by so many does it deserve to have better treatment then how Anonymous treat Governments, and not many people complain about that?

And with the 70 million members private information, i haven’t attempted to censor, neither any corruption, so what are Anonymous gonna do it with it? its pretty much the same shit face-book and Google have on me anyway.

Thinking of a nice way to end the blog with maybe a catchy tune, I’m reminded of  a song which was made during the lead up the PS3 when the consoles kept failing, i think the lyrics could be adapted which can be seen in the tittle, that Sony went wrong when it used censorship and was proven slightly corrupt over this whole fiasco; which was a direct result of the attack on the PS3, so maybe they did go wrong with their PS3, who knows.

Thanks Sarcasticgamer, this song is really catchy and I’d actually listen to it on my I-pod, i don’t know what that says about me though…..

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