Why did the bbc say when reporting on Anonymous arrests ‘It seems that Loic did a poor job of hiding the identity of the people using it’. When we know it doesn’t protect IP’s?

by rodneymullenface

In June of last year Spanish Police arrested three suspects expected to be involved in the PlayStation Network attack that headlined news throughout May.

Police said they found the trio in Barcelona, after analyzing web pages and chats and finding more than two million lines recorded showing their involvement.

Spanish police said in statement “One of them had in his home a server on which they coordinated and executed computer attacks on government, financial and business web pages around the world”.

The suspects were believed to have launched attacks on PSN, banks BBVA and Bankia, italian power company Enel, and the governments of Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand and were released with no bail.

Why Anonymous denies its rumored involvement’s in the card theft involved with PSN attacks, the group doesn’t deny DDoS attacks on Sony.

In a statement made by members of the group, it stated “While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our ‘leadership’ does not condone credit card theft,

We are concerned with the erosion of privacy and fair use, the spread of corporate feudalism, the abuse of power and the justifications of executives and leaders who believe themselves immune personally and financially for the actions they undertake in the name of corporations and public office.”

In retaliation to the arrests Anonymous members used DDoS attacks, which it claims are legitimate forms of peaceful protest, to take to down the Spanish police website http://www.policia.es which went offline for at least  an hour following the arrests.

Spanish police claimed that the arrested members were Anonymous ‘leaders’, however if you know anonymous, you know there are no leaders.

“They did not arrest any core group, because we don’t have a core group,” said Anonymous in a statement.

The BBC reported on the arrests stating  ‘It seems that Loic (low orbit ion cannon) did a poor job of hiding the identity of the people using it’.


As a journalist, the details always tell the story.
James McBride

I had much respect for the BBC, until it censored the words ‘free palatine’ in Mic righteous freestyle.

Studying journalism myself, i know research is key.

I looked up in google ‘LOIC does it hide your IP address’ this is what i found

All of the first three links tell you directly that LOIC does not protect your IP address.
So little research done by the BBC, or are they putting anonymous in a bad light saying it does not protects its individuals?

When in fact some anonymous members tells users to use the TOR project, a global onion router network that provides anonymity for users.

Of course with the BBC reporting like this, you can only assume western media will try to connect anonymous members with pedophiles who use  TOR (not the one republic their just hardcore star wars fans) but the ‘dark-net’ which provides anonymity.

So in this post I’ll remind people about this article headlined ‘Anonymous takes down dark-net child porn site on Tor network’

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