Baba Ramdev backed by Anonymous

by rodneymullenface

Baba Ramdev, infamous for ventures in yoga, ayurvedic medicine and agriculture, as well as his advocacy on Indian political issues and current campaign on corruption in India, was evicted June of last year and banned, from Dehli by police force.

I can do this, i don't even do yogaaa, and what........

Described as the ‘darkest night of his life’, which social activist Shanti Bushan, said was a violation of basic democratic rights and that”the government should resign”,  Baba was said to have 65000 followers performing at what is argued a largely peaceful protest creating protective rings around the hunger protesting activist.

Ramdev said “The police force 5000-10,000 in number, did not even spare the smallest children. Women and children were dragged and beaten up.” Even Ramdev had to desiguesse himself as a woman as followers tried to protect him.

The government justified the eviction of Baba and his follows cause he was violating yoga gathering permission in which Senior minister Kapil Sibal said Baba Ramdevs peace protest of up to 50,000 people only has permision for 5000.

A good reason to advocate violence?

Operation India, certian members of Anonymous voiced out their anger against the incident by defacing the NIC (National Informatics center) and leaving this messege on the governmant website.

“Greetings! We exist without nationality…We exist with humanity. Get this message clear Mr Prime Minister and others. We do not like to talk much and Yes! IT is our world. Expect us.”

According to a government expert on cyber security “This was more a playful threat, that exploited some weaknesses of the NIC site” as no information was stolen, neither any damage done.

Since then Anonymous announced its attack via Twitter, Operation India which since it started spread like wildfire through out the country.!/operationindia

This press release was created highlighting the points of the campaign

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