Anonymous defended a group who feed the homeless weekly

by rodneymullenface

The Orlando 11th Circuit Court of Appeals put, apparently ‘reasonable’ restrictions on feeding the homeless. Last year in April courts ruled to enforce ordinance restricting on weekly feeding of the homeless in the downtown park.

The Orlando Food not Bombs group started feeding the homeless in 2005, distributing free food at Lake Eola Park every Wednesday. The group argue feeding the homeless is an act of political expression fully protected by the First Amendment.

International attention was bought to the group when the Police made 20 arrests following the courts ruling on requiring a permit for groups conducting large-scale feeding operations in an attempt to disperse complaints made by nearby residents . Only two permits a year are issued for any one park.

A federal Judge agreed with OFNB, and second group First Vagabonds Church of God, issuing an injunction blocking enforcement of the ordinance.

The 11th Circuit got involved and their 10-judge court agreed in August to reverse the injunction and allow the city to enforce restricting.

Come June, Anonymous shut down the Orland Chamber of Commerce’s website for the majority of the day and posted “boycott Orlando” on a major theme park’s front page, protesting against homeless-feeding policies of Mayor Buddy Dyer.

A message, under the name of Anonymous, was sent to the Chamber of Commerce making the so called threat, they’d send messages to 250 million email addresses across the globe to support the boycott.

US tourist website, owned by the city was taken offline during the last week of June,

The group created a website in full support of the food not bombs campaign.

A PS reminder at the bottom of the page, directed at the Orlando City Visitor Board, stated they would not be attacked if they show their support for the group.

Members of the group vowed to take down one Orlando-promoting website each day of the campaign.

During the weekend, the group posted a picture taken outside Mayor Buddy Dyer’s home in College Park, with the classic Guy Fawkes mask left hanging from a street sign.

Orland police Sgt. Vince Ogburn stated “We consider it a threat because they targeted an individual”.

The mayor’s office declined to comment, deferring to the Police Department.

An Anonymous member on twitter denied it being a threat stating “It was just proving a point, Anon will always be non-violent… we are however watching. Expect us.”

Hackers gained access to a password-protected area of the website for the Orange County Democratic Party and posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of its members.

Roberta Bailey, unaware her password had been compromised until notified by a reporter said “It makes me uneasy and angry,” Bailey said. “I don’t think it proves much of anything. To what end?”
Orlando police and FBI along with city computer technicians are investigating the attacks.
The groups last attacks were on July 11, when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orlando and the Rotary Club of Orlando were taken down.

This shows Anonymous fights for not only civil rights, freedom but also in defense of the homeless.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”
Anne Frank
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