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Operation Tunisia – “Here we don’t really have internet, we have a national intranet” Azyz Amamy

The biggest world-changing event of 2011 began when Mohammed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor, set himself on fire in protest of the confiscation of his goods and the harassment and humiliation he went through from the officers and aides.

A catalyst for revolution in Tunisia his actions lead to the resigning of the president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali on January 14th 2011.

The revolution and protest inspired several other Arab countries and several non-Arab countries to protest against the high unemployment, flood-inflations, corruption, lack of freedom of speech, poor living conditions and other political freedoms.

Anonymous disabled several Tunisian government websites including those for the president, prime minister, ministry of industry, ministry of foreign affairs, and the stock exchange.

The attack took place on the 18th day of protest along with a national strike that came on the day of students returning to schools.

This was the message left on the prime ministers website

Operation Tunisia came and in a statement posted on the prime minister’s website but later removed, the group said that it was “enraged” at the Tunisian government’s behaviour; Ben Ali’s administration had “unilaterally declared war on free speech, democracy, and even its own people”.

“Anonymous is willing to help the Tunisian people in this fight against oppression,” the statement said. “Cyber attacks will persist until the Tunisian government respects all Tunisian citizens’ right to free speech and information and ceases the censoring of the internet”.

Using a ‘denial-of-service’ attack organized on an online chat room, Anonymous became the first international group to target Tunisian website. 

 This attack inspired more activists to help and support the Tunisian people and to retaliate to the censorship happening.

Lina Ben Mhenni; a Tunisian blogger was one activist who bought attention to the government’s retaliation and crack down on activism by telling Al Jazzera “The government has cracked down on activists by hacking our emails, facebook and blogs. They have deleted a few pages in which I was writing about the public protests.”

Web activists and journalists alerted others of the alleged hacking by the government via Twitter, which is not susceptible like Facebook and Google was.
A 2008 diplomatic cable from whistle-blower’s wikileaks, revealed corruption in the Tunisian government which described both low-level and high-level corruption that scared away investors, signed by the US ambassador, Robert Godec.

“The goal, amongst others, is to delete the Facebook pages which these people administer,” a Tunisian internet professional, who has also been in contact with Anonymous, told Al Jazeera in an emailed interview.

Anonymous did confirm that their own website was subject to its own ‘denial of service’ attacks during the Operation.       

Anonymous also managed to reveal the names and passwords of the email addresses of other middle-eastern government officials in support of the Arab spring. Countries targeted included Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco.

Anonymous became an international authority against censorship after this operation, not only by showing support but for also helping to get awareness to the western countries, whose media seemed reluctant at the start to report on the subject.

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Anonymous defaced the Fine Gael website, or improved it?

Fine Gael is a central-right party currently in coalition government with the Labour Part of Ireland. Users on discussion forums such as had suggested that the Find Gael websites feedback section was censored.

To get a better understanding of the Fine Gael party, here are some recent tweets that have been made about the party….

jeanearnshaw RT @gerardwyer: Watching ‘leaders questions’ in the Dáil, simply confirms what a shower of shit Fine Gael really are. #vinb #rtept #LQT

countryboy606 @CllrMMurnaghan @vincentbrowne Just the same way as we judge Fine Gael.. The party who lied their way into office.. Spineless traitors..

PeadarKropotkin Fine Gael’s Paschal Donohoe shows himself to be, like his colleagues, very ignorant & full of hatred for all non-rich Irish people. #vinb


Now that we have a better understanding of the overall love and support the party has, now comes the January 10th 2011 Fine Gael website attack.

The great thing about Anonymous is it’s a collective of anonymous users with many sub-groups, as this attack here is suggested to be done by two users.

On the day the websites new ‘tell us what you think’ campaign was replaced with this message,

Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party and they take no measures to protect you.

They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice.


Even more comedy came when the users dubbed changed the page title ‘The problem with politicians is they lie’ – a play on the party’s own message, that politicians talk too much and listen too little.

After the HTML codes were examined it was discovered that a code housed on server in Samoa, under a domain registered anonymously, would launch a string of JavaScript codes that would replace the page with the message when the site was visited.

The Fine Gael party gave this statement the morning after

Last night, we regret to report, the Fine Gael website was professionally hacked. The group that participated in this attack called themselves the Anonymous Group. This group has been associated with the Wikileaks investigation and attacks on companies such as Visa, MasterCard and Amazon. The attack occurred from 8.00pm to 12.00am last night.

We were alerted this morning that the Anonymous Group was able to secure the database of the information submitted by members of the public during the previous week. This affected just under 2,000 subscribers.

As a result we have now taken the necessary action to report this “hacking crime” to the proper authorities including the Data Protection Commissioner and the Gardaí. This morning the Party has emailed each of the individuals who submitted their comments and contact data (emails, IP addresses and mobile phone numbers) to the site to notify them of this event. We deeply regret any inconvenience that has been caused to them.

Two men were questioned eight months later in September by the Gardai, one detained in Galway and the other Offlay according to the Irish times post, the men are being questioned on ‘suspicion of criminal damage’.

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Mrs Mugabe’s profits £9.6 million why attempting to censor



Financed by the central bank, Zimbabwe’s illicit diamond industry takes thousands of lives yearly according to 2008 November US Cables released by Wikileaks.

The classified documents cite a well-known British mining executive as saying Mugabe and his wife profit tremendously from the Chiadzwa mine in eastern Zimbabwe.

The well-known British mining executive Andrew Cranswick was cited saying “The stones dubbed blood diamonds because of the human rights abuses associated with their extraction, were then resold to foreign buyers, earning each of the members of the powerful group hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.”

Zimbabwe’s military have been accused of widespread atrocities in the diamond fields of 2008, although Mugabe accuses the west of working to stop Zimbabwe from benefiting from its minerals.

The accused becomes the accuser.

Anonymous targeted Zimbabwean Government websites in retaliation to Mugabe’s wife, who sued Zimbabwean newspaper ‘The Standard’ for £9.6 million, after it reported on the leaked information about her and Mugabe’s profit from blood diamonds.

On the run up to New Year Anonymous hit the government’s online portal and the official site of Mugabe’s Zanu PF party stating “we are targeting Mugabe and his regime in the Zanu-PF who have outlawed the free press and threaten to sue anyone publishing Wikileaks.”

On June 28th AnonymousIRC tweeted “Currently uploading about everything about Zimbabwe Government on Internet there is to know. Who actually likes Robert Mugabe? #AntiSec”

Uploaded to, Anonymous uploaded the file Zimbabwe .gov SQL Dump, the file included usernames and encrypted passwords which gains access to different areas of the Government’s website.

Sophos security expert Graham Cluely said that the databases were probably taken through a basic hacking technique called SQL injection.

“The hackers send commands to the website which force it to spit out all its underlying data,” Cluely said. “It’s not very difficult. How dangerous an SQL attack is depends on what information the website database contains. It may contain usernames and passwords.”

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Operation LEAKSPIN

Operation LEAKSPIN

At the end of 2010 Dutch police arrested a 16-year-old teen over OPERATION AVENGE ASSANGE, omitting being involved in the ‘cyber war’ against two credit card companies and personally creating a botnet and independently conducting a DDOS attacks on the company’s websites.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a 22-year-old man claiming to be a spokesman for the hackers vowed on British Broadcasting Corp. radio that the attacks would continue. “I see this as becoming a war, but not your conventional war–this is a war of data,” said the man, identifying himself only as “ColdBlood.” “We’re trying to keep the Internet open and free for everyone.”

After this some sub-groups of Anonymous decided to move towards long-term-viable goals such as revealing information and promoting the Wikileaks cables.

Rather than attacking perceived enemies of Wikileaks, unlike Operation Payback, the focus is finding material which is deemed important to public interest in the cables and making them more aware, assessable and understandable.  

Although it’s not clear how much support the operation has gained, Reddit created a thread with currently over 1,400 readers where individuals can find the information easier.


The ‘leekspin’ is a pun on the ‘Leekspin’ joke animation.


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If Justice must be seen to be done, how does this Justice work?

Project Payback MANNING

Bradley Manning was a US marine who was arrested in May 2010 on suspicion of leaking restricted material to whistleblowing site Wikileaks. It should be known, Due to his mental health its argued manning shouldn’t of been in Iraq in the first place, officials even told those in higher command.

In 2010 it was discovered Manning was suffering abuse during his time in isolation including being forced to strip naked in his cell and forced to sleep only in boxer shorts.

1st Lt. Brian Villiard, a spokesman for the military detention facility said this was due to his status as a detainee under “prevention of injury watch.” On the 9th March Manning was order to turn over boxers.

“The intention is not to cause any sort of humiliation or embarrassment,” Villiard said in defence. “But to ensure the safety and security of the detainee and make sure he is able to stand trial.”

Manning said that “the restrictions were “absurd” and that if he wanted to harm himself using an item of clothing, he could do so “with the elastic waistband of his underwear or with his flip-flops.”

Military officials denied the treatment was abuse or abnormal.

In an event that lead to his resignation, State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley made statements condemning the treatment, allegedly he was forced to resign under pressure from the Obama Administration.

Manning awaits trial on charges that could put him in prison for 52 years, according to the Army although some sources.

Whilst declaring going on the offensive for Manning, Anonymous released a video declaring Department of Defense Press Secretary Geoff Morell and chief warrant officer Denise Barnes as targets and calls on members to dig up personal information on both, including phone numbers, personal histories and home addresses.

Anonymous spokesperson Barrett said that harassment of Quantico officials will be just the first step in a “media war” against those detaining Manning. “Manning is an absolute hero If this means me going to fucking prison, then that’s fine.”

Pentagon spokesman Colonel David Lapan said a probe investigation was requested after news that the hacker group called Anonymous was seeking to disrupt online activities at the Quantico, Virginia, base where Private Bradley Manning is incarcerated.

“The bases at Quantico, including the brig have made law enforcement agencies aware of that as well,” Lapan said.

Manning supporters say the regiment is inhumane and has been deemed unnecessary by psychiatric experts.

Manning was arrrested for showing people the violent side of the army, whilst it can be argued this is the Army, this kind of thing happens their is no excuse for these soldiers in the leaked video ‘collateral murder’ to behave so inhumanly.

Why the CRIMINALS in the video go free; Manning awaits a verdict


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Operation Avenge Assange


By far one of the biggest and the most influential operations performed by Anonymous giving air time to the movement is Operation Avenge Assange (Julian Assange face of Wikileaks whom currently faces media corruption as the powers to be tried to rid the world of him – yet his legacy lives on).

After the whistleblower group Wikileaks received pressure to stop publishing ‘secret United States diplomatic cables’ (secret meaning – PLEASE DON’T FIND YOU MIGHT SEE HOW WE FUCKED UP).

Several major Internet companies cut off services to Wikileaks in opposition; however activists spawned hundreds of mirror sites in a revolution to the attempt.

After Assange’s arrest in London for questioning on suspected minor rape charges from Sweden and by the US for ‘espionage offences’ and refused bail; some Americans were calling for his death; the war was declared.

Anonymous declared war on Assange’s enemies asking for support to attack opposing companies and help in spreading the leaked information.

Since realising the information, Wikileaks came under cyber-attacks and became abandoned by the likes of Paypal, who accepted donations for the website and Amazon who rented their server space.

Wikileaks stated on their site that Wikileaks had been down because of Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS). With reasons to believe that The United States Of America are behind this; since due to the nature of the US Secret Cables leak on Sunday 28th November 2010.

WikiLeaks said that PayPal had “surrendered to U.S. government pressure.”

In response Anonymous posted a seven plan manifesto via twitter and pledged to ‘kick back for Julian’.

Operation Payback became an operation in favour of Wikileaks, Anonymous used DDoS attacks on Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and the Swiss bank Postfinace.

Anonymous took down Mastercard, Paypal and the Swiss bank Postfinace, when Anonymous used DDoS attacks on IFPI it resulted in 6 days of the site being in-active with over 160 server interruptions. 

Anonymous is standing up for the people like Wikileaks is standing up for the truth.

Our news is censored and we even have the BBC censoring the words ‘free Palestine’ (

Anonymous is fighting back when we thought we couldn’t, when we couldn’t hear the cries of the third world, when we couldn’t hear the guilt of the people who put them there and when we couldn’t understand that those people are ready to take away are rights, our freedom and our humanity. 

Anonymous declaring being on the front line for Wikieleaks in Anonymous declaring there on the front line for us and saying what we’ve wanted to say for so long…..


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Anonymous and 4chan Found Online Bayonets – Fuck Hollywood

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets. – Napoleon Bonaparte

In 2010 on the 12th September, it was discovered that the Indian film industry was hiring tech firms like ‘Aiplex’ for content protection solutions.

Aiplex claims that it carried out Denial of Service (DDos) attacks against websites that host illegal copies of Bollywood films whom refuse to remove the content, a much more successful solution then the opposed SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, C-11, TPP, PCIP and HR-1981.

BitTorrent trackers like Pirate Bay, have been targeted for at least 30 Bollywood films Aiplex claimed.

Girish Kymar, managing director of Aiplex Software insisted “in order to prevent them from illegally distributing movies, the company floods the websites in questions with ‘lakhs’ of requests, thereby taking them down.”

It wasn’t till MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America – The trade association that represents the six big Hollywood studios) hired Aiplex and similar firms to carry out similar attacks that 4chan and anonymous members got involved.

Operation ‘Paybacks a Bitch!’ was developed in retaliation on 4chan; the plan was to attack Aiplex directly; however its claimed the website was taken down by one LOIC (A Low Orbit Iron Cannon is an application used for Denial-of-service attacks) and one attacker took it down.

This statement followed the 4chan orchestrated take down of Aiplex.

The next attack was on IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) in retaliation for its legal actions against pirate bay, the site was taken down for at least 27 hours.

Statements for the attacks can be seen here

Anonymous and 4chan users carried on the attacks for days and why I can’t confirm how long for I can confirm anonymous war on the entertainment giants continues.

Here a statement made by anonymous which invited people in to join in the attack.

The beautiful irony is that they used what the groups used against Pirate Bay against them; an eye for eye.

This goes to show how when grouped the public are stronger than the corporations and leaders who hinder this world, our lives and our freedom.

With a final word on Hollywood, i think its only right Max Kesier has the last word.

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Anonymous defends a mans best friend, REDTUBE <3

Towards the end of 2009 after several Governments began blocking access to Anonymous imageboards, like Germany’s blacklisting of, Anonymous reawakened its war against Censorship.

In the past Australia has been notorious for its censorship laws, games like Manhunt and even Left for Dead 2 have been refused classification, rulings such as the MA15+ are considered to be too strict.

But the Australian Government opened Pandora’s Box after the ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) following an investigation ISP based internet filtering, confirmed in December that they would proceed with broad scale internet censorship.

The ACMA had caused controversy before when a blacklist of proposed banned websites was leaked by Wikileaks, global whistle-blowers responsible for the leak of Thailand, Denmark and Norway’s blacklists.

Although censorship was argued to protect; the list contained online Poker sites, Youtube links, alternative religion and Christian sites, Wikipedia and Wikileaks pages and entries; even the website of a Queensland dentist.

Spearheaded by Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and deputy leader of the Government in Senate of the – at the time – Rudd Ministry.

Senator Conroy said “Under existing laws the ACMA blacklist includes URLs relating to child sexual abuse, rape, incest, bestiality, sexual violence and detailed instruction in crime,”

But child porn is already illegal to view and host anyway, is it not Steve?

Colin Jacobs, spokesmen for the Electronic Frontiers Australia, said “The list itself should concern every Australian – although plenty of the material is unsavory or even illegal, the presence of sites like YouTube, MySpace, gambling or even Christian sites on the list raises a lot of questions.”

The ACMA afterward banned pornography featuring female ejaculation and woman featured with small breasts. Unfortunately what that meant for Australian lads, no more cover shots featuring the likes of Kristen Bell, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie. How could there be squares like this down under?

As you can understand, this upset Anonymous and the male population?

Not to mention the effect it will have on marriages when men might have to actually attempt sexual fantasies with their spouse.

February 10, 2010, Operation Titstorm began; a user named ‘Pulsar’ on the 2nd posted the idea to fight back; claiming Australia could be the first to fall in a global censored internet.

Anonymous focused their famous distributed denial of services on all of Australia’s government servers, bombarding it with simultaneous requests for information. They succeeded in bringing down the servers, which included the Australian Parliament House site for three days, nearly the Department of Communications and they defaced the PM’s website, re-badging it Operation Titstorm: A part of Operation Internet Freedom.

It was said 7.5 million requests a second caused the crashes and the Cyber Security Operations Center knew the attack was coming but was unable to stop it.

A mass combination of spam prank calls, black faxes and emails featuring small breasted woman were spammed through Government services. Personally, if it featured small breasted woman like Keira Knightly at all, I envy that day at the office.

Hours before the attack they uploaded a personal message on YouTube to Kevin Rudd and Seven News presenting a list of demands.

Although Alastair McGibbon, cyber-crime consultant and former Australian Federal Police agent compared the attacks as an equivalent of an “electronic poke in the eye”, the horns been blown and the people are empowered.

Carry on censoring, carry on war.

Anonymous and Protesters Football-Passion Against Censorship

Look corruption looks a like

In 2009 President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was accused of rigging the election by supporters of Mousavi and Karroubi, whom demanded an investigation to be called by Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The rigging lead to an opposition rally attracting over 100,000 protesters in Tehran, it turned violent after shots were fired from a pro-government militia controlled compound, confirmed by an Associated Press photographer.

Ahmadinejad disputed the rigging claims, comparing the protests to that of passion shown by football fans after a game.

Yes, because we can all recall when football rigging has led to violence and protests.

‘Competition to find football’s worst toilets hit by vote-rigging claim’

• Some fans discovered to be voting up to 30 times
• Winning club will receive a £100k toilet makeover

Read more at …

Oh the great catastrophe, the devastation and the corruption that was the find a shitty toilette competition, which I can’t rightly recall leading to an uproar or revolution.

With the exception of the Hillsborough disaster, I can’t really recall any football-after-game passion resulting in a country-wide-spread David Cameron hate campaign, I doubt anyone after the Chelsea result yesterday stood up and blamed the coalition. No of course not, they just blamed Torres and left it at that.

We all know football fans have passion that possibly could change the world…..

Besides for Ahmadinejad he should know we don’t need Football to have hateful passion towards our PM, you did it just by using the general passion of a corrupt leader whilst Cameron does it with the general passion of a bellend.

Proven by the many Facebook groups a like David Cameron is a B.E.L.L.E.N.D.

The Government attempted to censor news about the riots on the internet, a dumb mistake, as we already know about the relationship Anonymous has with those attempting to censor.

A Green Movement forum was launched which enabled Iranian users to dodge the country’s online censorship.

The Website launched stating “We are simply the internet and we believe in free speech,” along with the help of The Pirate Bay, whom changed its logo to The Persian Bay and linked traffic to the site, the website attracted over 20,000 supporters worldwide and is still actively helping with Iranian issues.

The Persian Bay

Stop Censorship

(The Green Movement refers to a series of actions after the presidential election, in which protesters demanded the removal of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from office)

Although the Government took down sites like YouTube, Twitter and blocked mobile phone communication, the Iranian Governments website itself and the President’s personal website crashed after a series of Denial of Service attacks from opposition.

“Censorship is advertising paid by the government.” Federico Fellini.
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Investigations launched as fear of TOM CRUISE brainwashed! Scientists cannot confirm or deny that CRUISE has a brain.

Project Chanology

On January 2008 a video was leaked that was produced by the Church of Scientology (the belief that Adam and Eve got nailed by aliens).

In the video Mr. Cruise dribbled egotistic nonsense that had him one breath short of being considered mentally unstable, although the same did happen once on Oprah.

The Church issued a copyright violation claim against YouTube requesting the video to be removed; no surprise if one of your leading celebrity icons starts babbling like a mad man and making Scientology sound like one overwhelming crack binge.

Anonymous dubbed this action by the Church as a form of Internet censorship, although the Oxford Dictionary would actually describe this………………. as internet censorship too?

Anonymous declared war against the brainwashing, physco-babbling church of Scientology, alleging that the church was brainwashing members, which is up for debate as claiming Scientology brainwashes members implies Tom Cruise had a brain in the first place.

On January 21st Anonymous went viral with the war, stating that ‘Anonymous has decided your organization should be destroyed for the good of your followers, for the good of mankind and for our own enjoyment’.

Members of Anonymous organized a series of ‘denial-of-service’ attacks from bringing down sites, to prank calls and printing black faxes to their centers.

A Security expert (supposedly), said that the church’s servers were not likely to suffer for more than a couple of days, and that the attacks were “amateur by hacking standards.” A claim proven ignorant when Anonymous prove to be far from amateur in the future.

Seven days later a call for protest was asked. It drew up to 150 people protesting, although a small number, by Feb 10th Anonymous had 7000 people protesting in 93 cities worldwide; wielding the iconic V for Vendetta mask.

Anonymous gained world-wide press when declaring its war on Scientology and this was only the start as the story of the biggest internet meme starts to unfold.

On March 28th Wired News claimed that Anonymous attacked the Epilepsy Foundation of America. A Javascipt code and flashing computer animations were posted with the intention of triggering migraine headaches and seizures in photosensitive and pattern-sensitive epileptics. reported that the administrators of had posted an open letter claiming that the attacks had been carried out by the Church of Scientology “to ruin the public opinion of Anonymous, to lessen the effect of the lawful protests against their virulent organization” under the Church’s fair game policy.

With the history of the church and the clear ‘clean background’ it clearly has along with the strangest Panorama BBC special, I’m sure you can make your own opinion.

As for Mr Cruise and his mental condition

Just keep watching out for ‘TOM CRUISE: MISSION UNSTABLE’, although it must be said, he cracked me up in Tropic Thunder.

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